Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Comment away!


  1. awesome. you get an A for the class liz!

  2. Hi Lizzy!
    I looked at your google site. You changed it up?!! (from the notebook bg.)

    About the Student Questionnaire, I'd put questionnaire in the side nav and results as a sub/child nav. Or, create a whole new menu where you have feedback of some kind. For instance, "Feedback" and under, "Editorial Comments," "Student Questionnaire," etc.

    Otherwise, great job!I love your picasa slideshow.

    If u need help w/ any of this, let me know. U're lucky that you already have content to add. I have to think of stuff!


  3. Liz,
    your CHIME blog is terrific. What a fantastic and interesting tool for the kids and for anyone in general.

  4. Thanks Matt! I first tried it out last year. I like using it and find a lot of my students really enjoy it.

  5. hey liz,
    your personal site is coming along great. i think it might benefit from a couple of things:

    1. Courses/Teach - on this page, say a few words about the courses you teach as way of introducing them. then, maybe add the links. it's not duplicating but making navigation easy easy!

    2. in each course u teach, say a little something about them or even paste the contents (maybe first couple of sections) of the attachments onto the pages.

    that's it for now. great job!


  6. hi liz,
    your google site is filling up and coming a long ways. i need to work on mine more now to keep up!

    a few notes:

    Doc, attachments - I am able to view them without having to log in. I can view your Survey Results as well.

    Work/Res - the page looks good. Some spacing issues - just dates. Otherwise, great.

    Suggestions -
    1. The science standards should be posted just as the social studies standards are.

    2. Do Lesson Plans fall under Multimedia or should they be placed under the Subjects you Teach and under each subject?

    Looking good and I'm liking the navigation formatting.

  7. Thanks Matt! I will post up the Science standards as well. Also, I agree with you--I think the lessons will fit better under my course topics. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Hi Liz,
    one thing I need to change myself and something I'd suggest is that your links, whether on your google site or your academic site, that link to outside references (e.g., survey, etc.) and not your site should be open in a new window. This is because if you link to something like survey results, a visitor strays away from your google site and the visitor doesn't have the option of selecting from your menus to navigate your site. Instead, the visitor has to push the browser navigation buttons.

  9. liz, i love your homepage on your google site. the chime school's objectives makes your google site really professional and not to be messed with!!!

  10. hi liz, took a gander at your sites. some things that impress me.

    1. You multiple blogs:
    - - class editorial
    - - paper clip dance blog/class photo blog
    - - chime scientific literacy blog

    most impressive and shows your passion of and dedication to education and how firmly rooted you really are in education. i love that and it's inspiring.

    2. academic site -
    i like the name of the site and i like the curricular resources.
    a few things i was thinking about are
    - that the font size is a bit small and difficult to read
    - links on homepage to sites like your chime literacy blog might be better served if opened in a new window (in dreamweaver, target a_blank)
    - link to a "academic sitewebsite" under curricular resources opens up to your personal, google site as opposed to the current paper dance clip one

    3. google site - don't see a reference to academic site